Friday, June 21, 2013

Rip Currents, Nasty water

Even experience surfers and swimmers can get caught unaware of this deadly current. Even in small surf conditions a rip current can happen. Here is a rather good photo of what one looks like. Always swim 90 degrees of a rip or don't fight it. The current will dissipate as it gets further from shore. People get in trouble when the panic and try to swim against he current. Even the strong can tire quickly.

RIP CURRENT: Stay safe while at the beach this summer! This could save your life. Do you know what a rip current looks like? We have probably all seen them and weren't aware of the danger. When you see waves and then a small section of "flat" waves in between, that's a rip current. The water is moving in the opposite direction. Stay clear of these areas!! This is NOT a calm place to hang out with small children. PLEASE SHARE

Thanks Grouper Hole for posting this information