Sunday, July 15, 2012

CPR Certified

Last week I became CPR certified through American Red Cross and American Heart Association.  Hopefully I will never have to put this training into practice but I feel much better about having successfully completed their program.


Update July 2012

July has been a fun month so far.  We started the month with Pam and Jeanne from Northern Virginia.  They enjoyed their lesson and Pam will be returning in August for round two. 

Andre came from New Orleans last weekend.  She is a school teacher and runs a nonprofit organization for inter-city kids that teaches them about health and exercise.  Her dad videoed her lesson and she will be using it as a teaching tool.  We are very honored to be a part a small part of her educational program. 

The Walter family is in town from Ontario.  teaching three people at one time was a challenge but was worth it when you see those smiles.
Aidan is a skateboarder and picked up surfing quickly.  Dad and Samantha were soon standing up too.  Looking forward to surfing with them again before they leave.